Referring to something or someone. To have experienced a glow up or done something that makes you screen "yass queen finger snapping". It normally refers to a change admired or cherished in the LGBTQplus community or boss-bitch culture.
Person A: I heard that Queen Elisabeth II is getting a bbl.
Person B: Yass queen!
Person A: She's the yassified queen.
by Tio Mike November 23, 2021
The curse that was applied on shrek to become human is the yassification. Shrek becoming human is the end result of the yassification, therefore he is now yassified.
by loonatheworld November 24, 2021
To yassify someone or something by putting a “perfect facefilter over their image.
Have you seen the yassify bot on twitter? They yassified the peanut butter baby today.
by madelny December 5, 2021
to make someone or something better and support the LGBT community
My friend was boring until I yassified them.
by lulu.12 November 17, 2021
A descriptive word referring to one who has recently had a glow up and is now the center of attention.
Omg Sauyer is so Yassified after he go Botox!
by Sauyer Vinders April 2, 2022
Yassified (verb, adjective) - Verb: Making something better / improving something. Ex. "I yassified the tower" Adjective: Describing something improved, new, or better. Ex. "The bridge would be yassified" Yassified is a commonly used word by those of the LGBTQ+ community, and is often thought of as "not a read word" (i got this from a yt comment)
"who yassified my home, i must pay them"
by April 17, 2022
Turning something gay or making it look gay
She was Yassified
by Caleigh Berube February 10, 2022