when someone "shorts you" they are treating you/giving you/assuming that you are less than what you are worth.
"Dont you ever let any man/woman short you."
by Babealicious August 29, 2006
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a finance term for when you sell a stock when you do not actually have any shares because you think the stock will go down and give you a profit (Basically you are betting against a stock). However, in terms of relationships selling someone short means you will gain by getting rid of them.
ex 1: man that girl didn't put out after two dates I am gunna have to sell her short.

ex 2: Girl you flaked on me three times in three days I'm shorting you (selling you short)

ex 3: dude Benjamin is being a Dick lately, gunna have to short him (sell him short) for a few days.
by Shumongous October 13, 2014
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