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Angel sent from above... but thats a lie. He cheats in almost every game and is very hawt. Makes everyone around him hot and bothered.
S.coups: Hey Jeonghan

Jeonghan: *breaths*
S.coups: Stop that!! You make me love you more than i do already!!
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by 1004x0808 December 25, 2016
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a member of kpop group seventeen. he's one of the vocalists of the group. he has such a golden voice. he introduces himself as the group's angel because he's born october 4 (1004), which is read as /천사/ cheonsa in korean and "천사" also means angel. he's also often named as the "mom" of seventeen, with s.coups as the father.
"hey, who's that long-haired dude in seventeen who's got great voice?"
"oh, that's jeonghan."
by 10_04 August 29, 2017
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a long haired fuck boy from seventeen who loves laying down and jisoo
seungkwan: hey hansol did you see jeonghan?

hansol: probably gawking at jisoo or laying down while gawking at jisoo
by stupidnoona May 23, 2016
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- A member of a South Korean idol group SEVENTEEN.
- He is a multi-talented angel which possesses ethereal beauty, a big heart and is the epitome of sassy.
- He is indeed an angel, but most importantly, he is Choi Seungcheol's angel.
- also known as the Daddy's Angel.
Example 1:

Jeonghan: Daddy?

Seungcheol: Yes, angel?
by hannie1004 July 07, 2018
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