Angel sent from above... but thats a lie. He cheats in almost every game and is very hawt. Makes everyone around him hot and bothered.
S.coups: Hey Jeonghan

Jeonghan: *breaths*
S.coups: Stop that!! You make me love you more than i do already!!
by 1004x0808 December 25, 2016
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A baby... cutie patootie.. Some think he is an angel... but in reality he is the devils competition. When making Jeonghan, god put both cute and hot into the bowl and sent him to us. Don’t trust him
God:hmm... do I want Jeonghan to be cute...or hot... eh let’s fuck carats up and do both... must mess with the emotions...
by Saythename March 19, 2019
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- A member of a South Korean idol group SEVENTEEN.
- He is a multi-talented angel which possesses ethereal beauty, a big heart and is the epitome of sassy.
- He is indeed an angel, but most importantly, he is Choi Seungcheol's angel.
- also known as the Daddy's Angel.
Example 1:

Jeonghan: Daddy?

Seungcheol: Yes, angel?
by hannie1004 July 7, 2018
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Jeonghan/ Yoon Jeonghan is a figure skater, coach and choreographer, Joshua's fiancé. Deeply fall in love with guy name Joshua Hong.
Jeonghan: Hello! *Wave*

Joshua: *grab jeonghan's tie* Yah! Yoon Jeonghan you're mine.

Jeonghan: I'm all yours Joshua *kissed*
by Doljjong June 9, 2021
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a member of kpop group seventeen. he's one of the vocalists of the group. he has such a golden voice. he introduces himself as the group's angel because he's born october 4 (1004), which is read as /천사/ cheonsa in korean and "천사" also means angel. he's also often named as the "mom" of seventeen, with s.coups as the father.
"hey, who's that long-haired dude in seventeen who's got great voice?"
"oh, that's jeonghan."
by 10_04 August 29, 2017
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jeonghan is a wonderful being who loves his members and his fans a lot. beware of falling for his beauty bc he shows no mercy in stealing the hearts of everyone. he is also smart and cunning so DO NOT try to challenge him you're definitely gonna lose. his voice is sweet (sweet like a strawberry which he loves) and so soothing makes you feel like you're in heaven. he is caring and loves sleeping (he has a talent of falling asleep wherever and in whatever position) which he deserves for working so hard. jeonghan is one of the eldest in his group so he takes care of the younger members and calls them his family. he is a big brother everyone deserves to have in their life. pls love jeonghan a lot <3
fan1: omg who is the member in seventeen that did the lispstick smear in the fear mv??
fan2: oh that's jeonghan
by ishqgyu October 2, 2020
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a long haired fuck boy from seventeen who loves laying down and jisoo
seungkwan: hey hansol did you see jeonghan?

hansol: probably gawking at jisoo or laying down while gawking at jisoo
by stupidnoona May 1, 2016
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