A Yumi is a beautiful girl, that is very smart and kind. She is good at keeping secrets and never breaks a promise. A Yumi is a teachers pet, she is also sometimes very quiet.A yumi laughs at everything.
by Anna Asstrid December 28, 2015
1. The word for Japanese bow arachery
2. A popular Japanese female name
Name- Yumi Yoshimura, a singer
by skyclaw441 December 22, 2006
She’s hot, smart, has a great personality and would be an amazing girlfriend. Though don’t get on her bad side, cause she will become the literal spawn of Satan if so. However, you stay on her good side she will be the angle you’ve been dreaming of since day one.
“You know Yumi? She’s so hot I wish I could have her.”
“Yeah she is. But just don’t get on her bad side
by Jazson674 June 3, 2018
The Best wife in the world who belongs to Uni.
Guy:Who is your wife and what is she to you?
Uni(me): Yumi, the sunlight that shines on my darkest days.
by UnicornGrinder October 14, 2018
From Pidgin, the combination of you + me = yumi = us.
Flugbert came to see yumi, but Susej was out so I solely conversed with him.
by Somnbergsloe April 8, 2008
an asian girl who hooks up with dune koons
by ishouldknowwho September 13, 2008