A Self-Cam picture. ie a picture of yourself taken by yourself. Not professionally.
They took many selcas.
by lightning2104 April 14, 2010
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A:"He uploaded a selca."
B:"Ain't that a selfie?"
C:"That's the same,actally"
by D34thg1rl December 25, 2017
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a collection of picture of oneself
I have a lot of selca pics because i'm a camwhore
by watchamacaullit July 30, 2009
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A day where fans take a selfie with their bias / favorite member of the group.
Monbebe selca day is the 13th of every month.
by Shxxmx October 12, 2018
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selfie of the ship beomjun, an urban legend
moa: beomjun selcaa today!
moa 2: sure grandma let's get you to bed
by renyeolly September 19, 2020
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Stay Selca Day (ssd) is a day dedicated to stay (South Korean boyband's Stray Kids fandom name) posting cute collages of their selcas (selfies) combined with pictures of their biases.
- Are you posting for Stay Selca Day this month?
- Yes, I've already chosen the selca I'll recreate
by IG: sparklyminho September 8, 2019
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A.R.M.Y selca day is celebrated on the first tuesday of every month It is a popular tradition where BTS (방탄소년단) fans show off their creativity by posting pictures that look similar to the members.
Army 1: what did you post for ARMY Selca Day?

Army 2: I replicated Jungkooks airport fashion!
by YoongisTangerine May 29, 2021
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