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UK Slang for the word "kids." The colloquial way of saying "Youths."
The old man shook his head after almost being trampled, by the teens running in the opposite direction, singing off-key, laughing nefariously.
"These yoofs...think they own the world..."
by Babydoll75 March 20, 2019
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When using not sure whether to use yikes or oof whenever you're responding something.
Basically putting yikes and oof together.
Jason Bourne: Damn, I'm out of ammo..
Fowensic: yoof.
by Fowensic October 27, 2018
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the youth of today - such as all the co-authors of this website and their charming definitions of words I'd never heard of until now - I really am getting old!
Mark is a typical yoof who uses words like mack, nail, mint and pearl necklace...
by Zanuda December 04, 2003
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Cynical description for a style of marketing or programming created by establishment or corporate interests that seeks to identify with the under-21's and thereby sucker them into parting with their cash or individuality with its promise of street credibility or non-conformity. Media vehicles or brands that tell kids what to do by creating an ersatz peer group for them which they then feel they have to conform to.
'Skins' just looks like another half-arsed attempted at 'edgy' yoof-TV if you ask me.
by Lurking Gherkin October 16, 2007
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A different way of saying youths. Young people under say 16.
Damn those yoofs of today
by Mattio July 25, 2006
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