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To kiss or make out with someone.
Adam: Jay, you alright, you know.
Bailey: You two should just fucking lips by now.
Jay: Nah shut up man, he didn’t mean it that way, you dickhead.
by SlangForDays February 17, 2021
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A: Nah allow it fam, if she wanna wear that then let her.
B: If you sticking your for her that much, you might as well lips her.
by SlangForDays February 9, 2021
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What your mum says instead of saying sh!t
I think I lost my phone, mum
by SlangForDays August 19, 2020
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A 34 year old male virgin who makes his own virgin merch and sells it to women. He also begs for a kiss on the first date.
“Did you actually beg for a kiss?”
“You fucking Kippy”
by SlangForDays October 21, 2020
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Throwing something at high speed but it doesn’t make it and/ or breaks or dies
“I’m gonna throw this carrot into Michael’s lunchbox and see if he notices”
“Okay go!”
*throws it but it goes on the ground instead*
Shut up John.”
by SlangForDays August 18, 2020
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(#1) Someone ugly
(#2) Something bad
(#1) Jayden: The mandem think Rachel is butters, uno
(#2) Ronnie: This food is butters, uno
by SlangForDays April 5, 2021
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A slapper is someone who acts, dresses or talks like a hoe
Girl A: I was walking to McDonald’s with Chris and I saw the biggest slapper at the bus stop!
Girl B: I mean, what do you expect? They everywhere!
by SlangForDays February 9, 2021
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