When someone doesn’t play a game properly purposely. It is mostly used in games such as Overwatch Or Rainbow Six Siege.
by Mercymain4life October 7, 2017
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When someone just gives up in a game such as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. This will most likely happen in the ranked game mode.
ME: Stop running in with in the building without droning.

Teammate: *Runs in without droning*

Me: Dude you throwing in ranked
by OffBrandYoutuber September 17, 2020
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The act of people who attempt to look cool by heaving their bodies around in a rock concert.

Can occur in large groups, in addition to individuals. Usually for people who are socially awkward and want to fit in.

Note: Confronting one of these people about "Throwing" is not advised, as they will yell at you and most defiantly "Throw" on you.

-Sub-Note: An unwanted "Throwing" can lead to serious physical, mental, social, and emotional scarring. Please be advised and prevent this by scaring away the "Thrower" with intelligent conversation doubled with reason.
"Thrower" 1: "Dude, do you wanna go 'Throwing' around with me?!!"
"Thrower" 2: "Dude, lets get naked and 'Throw'."
Sane person: "2+2=4."
Both "Throwers": "AHHHH!!!!!!!"
by Givemedabootangah March 18, 2011
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Offering a portion of one's own marijuana towards a fat ass blunt with the gang.
"Adam said he throwing in too we gonna roll a fattie."
by Abrahkafam December 12, 2017
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Deliberately lose a game, cause your team to lose.
EG were leading 5 - 0, then they threw the game.
EG is leading 5 - 0, EG Throw possible.
by SchizzaR June 9, 2013
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To contribute money for a specific purpose or for the good of the group. Informal

The phrase may derive from the act of passing around a hat, into which contributors would "throw in" some money.
"Another six-pack of Hamm's? I'll throw in for that!"

Not: "There's orphans starving in Haiti? I'll throw in for that!" Situation too formal or grave.
by Pahoehoe October 25, 2012
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