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Latin.. LIVELY, MERRY.. JOYOUS SPIRIT.. psalm 37:4 Delight theyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart..
by 1Ladybird February 04, 2010
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One of the most beautiful name a girl can have. It has a beautiful twist to her name. It's special not just because it is common but the girl with that name is special as well. The name derived from the Latin meaning of "life". She has really really beautiful eyes, it sparkles, you'll drown in her eyes. She has really perfect brows too. She doesn't need any make up because she is just beautiful as hell. Hot as hell in fact. Too beautiful for words. Everything about her is beautiful. Not to mention that when she smiles, the whole world stops and stares. That's just how beautiful she is. She has hair like lion. She is truly an original. No one can be like her. She love dogs and memes. Some says she loves goat but I think she will love me more one day. She loves food as well so if you were to date her, you got to know what she loves to eat because she is a picky eater. If I were to describe her with one sentence, it will be: A pretty girl with a pretty heart πŸ’“
I love you Vivianne

Guy - Hey!! you know Vivianne? What's she like?

Me - ...oh don't get me started
by IamFuckingFabulous January 04, 2018
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Vivianne is a perfect little human being, she's is beautiful and everyone should obey her. She is just so amazing and fabulous so is Tanya. She's a loveable little cuite.
Tina: do you know vivianne
by unicornslala345 June 03, 2013
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This Vivianne, is the most precious little thing a mother could ever hold. She brings me such happiness that it must be told. Her eyes are the brightest blue, her smile as bright as the sun. I love this little angel and that will NEVER be undone!!

I love you my precious little girl!!
"Vivianne is as sweet as honey"
by Momma Liz February 04, 2010
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Vivianne is a girl that is short and often Vietnamese, usually nicknamed Vivi. She is on the short side and often hangs out with only a small group of friends, with those groups being four to five people. Vivi loves eating Vietnamese food, and she enjoys chicken pho. Her favorite type of music is country and she doesn't like pop or rock but is fine with indie music even though at times she will thinks that the singer could sound drunk. She is a perfect match with people that are tall even though they are far in height and age at times. She will find her perfect match with a guy Diego who is tall, Mexican and will forever be there for her no matter what.
guy 1 : that girl is such a vivianne
Guy 2: i know right
by i couldnt think of one November 24, 2018
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