to say "ok thank you" in a short and sassy way.
"I'm right and you are wrong. k thanks!"
by pfedkin February 16, 2010
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When a girl decides she's is done talking to whoever she is, in a rude way. Chances are it was a text conversation with her boyfriend or other guy and she was bitching him out.
Austin: I just dont get why you are reacting like this? it wasnt even a big deal.

Emily: ummm how about you dont talk to me like im stupid. k thanks
by ThatGuyWhoAddedThatWord July 31, 2011
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a)something "stupid" people use (as my friend defines it)
b)a way of saying "okay thanks you" in a preppier way
"your picture on facebook is so cute. k thanks!"
by pretty dog April 3, 2007
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when someone tells you information that you really dont care about.
or when someone is giving you a big lecture when you do something bad and you reply with a K THANKS BYE
sam- "mark told me he is going to beat up jordan"
fred- K thnaks BYE!
teejaie- dude i just lipped off sam
dude- you really shouldent do that your going to make her hate you.
teejaie- k thanks bye..!!
by TEEJAIDS March 5, 2009
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