1. Smtn. that obtained more power than needed
2. Smtn. possessing too much power
by Igor July 26, 2003
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Warlocks in World of Warcraft patch 2.0
Jhuutom Charges you.
You are afflicted by stun.
You are afflicted by fear.
You are afflicted by corruption.
You are afflicted by Curse of Agony.
You are Afflicted by Siphon Life.
You take 100 damage from drain life.
You Die.
Battleground: overpowered...nerf...
by Royalnavy December 19, 2006
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"I just got two-shotted by a death knight, that's so overpowered." -Random mage
"Immune to fear and magic? Overpowered." -Random warlock
"OMFG U NEVER DIE THAT'S OP" - Some paladin I beat in a duel
by Trystine June 02, 2009
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Hunters are under the dillusion that they are "cool", and have no idea that they are merely an imbalanced class. The hunters who do know they are overpowered have Superiority Complexes. Hunters are also pussies, due to the fact that they have to run away from you to kill you.
Hunters are overpowered, but won't be in WOTLK.
by Hlalzle February 29, 2008
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Being more powerful than another
Teemo is overpowering compared to his team.
by Charlie3 November 01, 2015
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In the video game Fifa, the most overpowered team is Real Madrid because it takes no skill to use that team.
by DavidG43 January 27, 2015
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