contact me; get a hold of me; holler at me; help me out; let's get together
dude1: hey what are you up to this weekend?

dude2: i have no clue, fuck with me!


--twitter user--

@hobopelican: here's the link to my new album/movie/song...fuck with me people!! (read: i'd like to precipitously increase my fan base, please check out whatever it is i may or may not be slinging.
by hobopelican August 17, 2010
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the act of being wronged, conned, or done harm towards
Really Brittany, how you gonna do me like that?!? You, gonna fuck on ME?!
by ImRickJamesBeeotch April 28, 2010
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When saying it once just isn't enough.
As Brett took Ana from behind, both hands twisting her nipples and thrusting vigorously inside her rectum, she screamed 'fuck me fuck me'
by Fedora Jack September 20, 2016
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A request to not be bothered. Usually a more angered one and threathening one.
Don't fuck with me asshole.
by CurlyHayami September 9, 2004
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01. Phrase used when you are sick of people's shit.
2. Phrase used when you don't know what the motives, benefits, or prerogative is of a person or group of people.
3. Phrase used when one can't see to wrap their brain around what the fuck is actually going on with a certain situation and no one else has any means to effectively communicate.
by PineappleJuice March 14, 2015
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