a noun used to describe someone's big penis.
Put your Yancey away, it's huge.
by pmurray November 3, 2006
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The Mungo
You have to watch out for a Yancey. Give him too much to drink and he'll turn into The Mungo!
by mstrC July 7, 2011
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A person who is massive gym rat and workaholic. But when Friday night roles around transforms into a beer and seltzer monster.
“Damn josh has been working late everyday this week, I hope he’s gonna be a Yancey this weekend !”
by Cntrl Alt Delete February 15, 2020
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when your shorts are above your knees during gym class or when playing any sport that requires you to ware shorts
by Theta Sigma March 5, 2011
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Even though the other definition's say things about big penis, and muscled up. But i'm here to tell you the truth because the Dusty Yancey I know is a small penis and he's a 45 pound anorexic boy.;)
Also apply's to Dustin's as well

All the girls in the world see Dusty Yancey they all pull there pants up higher.
by author of the world February 2, 2018
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A very Gay (sexually speaking) man child that likes crack and Transgender women. A Dez Yancey is someone who is to gay to be a body builder but not gay enough to be a drag queen. you can refer to a Dez Yancey as a "douz", "Devious douzi with an uzi" "big D" or even "lesbian"
have you seen ryan he is such a "Dez Yancey"
by frighjvfgejfgejeh April 14, 2023
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