A person who is addicted to working, to the point where their life consists only of work and sleep. They have very few friends, if any, and some rarely see their own families.
Workaholics often suffer from fatigue, sleeping disorders, stress and stress-related ailments, and some eventually work themselves to death. Workaholics are a common sight in some East Asian countries, but are less prevalent in North America and even less in Europe.
Jimmy neglects his family so he can spend more time working, he's a workaholic.
by captainfugu June 18, 2007
A person who works too hard, even when they are meant to be on vacation.
by Robert January 19, 2004
a person who makes their job their entire life
a prime example of a workaholic is myself
by Steve Lev September 16, 2005
A person who's sole self purpose in life is to work hard and achieve until the day they die, never stopping to enjoy their achievments or see the world around them. Everything comes second to work and because of this their friendships are torn and love life is darker than the dark side of the moon
I was such a workaholic that my friends all forget that I exist. I have no hope of relationship.
-Have you seen Jimmy?
-The Workaholic
~Nah, he's passed out from a weekend long binge of workahol
by King Of Yesterday November 30, 2006
A term givin to a spouse (negative in connotation) describing their lack of attention given to their marriage and/or family vs. their work.
You spend more time at work then you do with Us. You're a Workaholic!
by Bob W. September 27, 2005
Basicly a person with no life, so they decide to try and fill the gap of having no life by working ALL THE TIME. This generally does not work and people who turn into workaholics are usually unmarried over-ambitious women and over-ambitious men
An example of a workaholic is someone staying in the workplace after their designated shift despite not having anything important to do.
by Propane_Nightmares December 3, 2010