To have vommited or thrown up. Usually yakking happens when you drink way to much alcochol.
Holy crap man, I think i remeber that i yakked 5 times last night!!
by TCdubs February 12, 2011
huge, jacked, juiced up, large amount of muscle mass.
Cameron is looking very yakked today.
by JoshHeape February 17, 2011
Originating in West Oakland from the word Yak, means to get fucked.
I need to get Yakked tonight, its been 3 weeks.
by TheMonsanto September 2, 2018
To steal; take something knowingly
Larry: Yo, who Yakked my headphones??
Geoff: Dude, mine were Yakked too!
by CuddlesIV August 8, 2015
Congnac. As in the brandy. Used by hip-hop / rap artists
Sippin yak
by j May 9, 2003