If you think he's cute you better tell him.
"You are a cute man. And you are funny and sexy. I love spending time with you."
"You are repeating your line"
"Its not a line. Its whats on my mind. Why are you in your Accuso Mode?"
"You accused me (!) first of only going after your ass. which i would never do coz its ugly."
"It was not an accusation but an imitation of what i had read on ud minutes before and i thought it was you."
"It wasnt"
"Well then nevermind"
"We should be naked more often, kissing and hugging. These weird conversations are not getting us anywhere. Come here now. I need you to help me make it through the night."
"Oh bebbe
you're right
On my way"
by Krkič April 21, 2019
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