A slang term for cocaine or being high on cocaine.
"Wow, you look yakked up!" OR "Let's go cop some yakk, nig."
by Michael Tuttle April 29, 2006
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when u hit a really high shot in tennis and say "ghandiiiiiiiiiiii! and shot when it lands.- mostly said by stupid azz niggas who r playing tennis.
This person is scared to admit his sexuality, so he hides it by substituting b for the f
A sex demon. Sometimes she has bat wings on her head or back. But that enhances her sexiness. she is so hot that makes zam tingle as well as mingle o yea i am zam not u!
forkosherea!!! zR watr no uyes
o yea
i am so hot
forkosh! yakittY YAKK!!!!!

luke i am gonna shizzolarte you ! i am zam not u me! get it
by i am zam April 08, 2003
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