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Yet another relationship thread. A thread to spill your woes of your loved one.
I'm really stuck right now... Me and my ex broke up in July but still lived together and had sex, were in love, etc. YART...
by mphtmnslt November 26, 2010
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(verb) Emitting flatulents from the anus, while yelling simultaneously.
Suddenly, the movie was interrupted when someone in the audience let out an abrupt yart.
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by YungChuck September 20, 2019
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a yard party. Typically a day party, but could occur at night. Certainly always outdoors.

Synonyms include: dayger, darty.
Are you going to Natalie's yart on Saturday?
by CanCandy April 04, 2019
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Something unpleasant/ugly to my eyes. For example the Kardashians before plastic surgery. Yart is usually used to describe animals sometimes even human
Theres so many yarts around my hog is getting a rash
by Charito January 17, 2019
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