Day party! To drink during the day. To party during the day.
Woke up suday looking to darty. Anybody want to darty with me, i have to get to bed early tonight.
by denimdave77 August 24, 2014
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a drunken party while the sun is out; a day-time party
We're going to black out while it's light out at the darty!
by Wes wings January 18, 2008
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when one has a craving for a dart.
in need of a cigarette
Fuck I'm darty
by Jazzamatazzamarazza November 6, 2011
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darty is simply "a dance party".
We're organizing a darty tonight, will come? I don't know.
by Andrius March 5, 2008
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A dirty party. I.e., a party guaranteed to be excellent for all involved.

Not to be confused with day parties, which are just called day parties.
Hey you guys going to Harry's tonight? I hear it's going to be a real darty.
by ridememphis May 7, 2017
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Daytime partying.

Similar to tailgating, minus the sporting event. Also see Doghead.
"It's going to be nice out this weekend, want to darty on the roof deck?"

"Dartying is the best; I can drink all day and still manage to rally for in time for the late night bar scene!"
by eugoogely March 8, 2009
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A day party, usually outdoors, characterized by drinking tanks and lax pennies, females in high-waisted shorts and/or bikinis, and large amounts of beer. Sometimes includes a slip-n-slide. Often held at frat houses or other outdoor partying venues on a college campus.

Darty season is all the Saturday afternoons from the beginning of fall semester through early October, or however long days stay warm and sunny in a given region.
Girl 1: Hey! I heard you guys are having a big darty this weekend.
Guy 1: Yepp, it starts at 11 a.m. Saturday at the main chapter house.
Girl 1: Awesome! My sorority sisters and I will be there!
by kayyyyyyyyyohhhhhhhh December 12, 2013
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