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"Hey man, You want to yart?"
" Of course. I'll bring the snacks."
by YartBoy March 06, 2017
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yart is term that can be used for many different things. It just emphasizes something that is happening and any emotion. (it is easier to show in an example)
This bitch is getting on my nerves. Imma yart that hoe.

That shirt is so cute. Issa yart.

That song is a YART!!!!!

My friend is such a yart.

I really wanna yart that guy.
by dandoggg September 19, 2018
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Yet another relationship thread. A thread to spill your woes of your loved one.
I'm really stuck right now... Me and my ex broke up in July but still lived together and had sex, were in love, etc. YART...
by mphtmnslt November 26, 2010
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A person who doesn’t look like a ding ding ding!!!
Your such a yart why don’t you just stay home so we don’t have to look at you. I swear to fucking god I see another yart and I will bite my hog off.
by Detectivechar January 16, 2019
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a yard party. Typically a day party, but could occur at night. Certainly always outdoors.

Synonyms include: dayger, darty.
Are you going to Natalie's yart on Saturday?
by CanCandy April 04, 2019
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1) use this word after someone says something completely lame
2) use this word to fill in the dead, silent moments

note: one can hold the "aaaarrrr" out longer to make meaning more intense
Janelle: ...and then i, like, totally, got my dog drunk! it was like, so funny! and then, when he came home..
You: Yart.
by Muncie What? March 05, 2004
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