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Another term for a marijuana cartridge, often used by teens.
John: Yo, you bring the yarty for the sesh?
Joe:Yea, I brought the Yart.
by REEFER CHIEFER May 18, 2020

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another name for an ounce of weed. Otherwise known as a zip
james:yo i heard u got a federal case yesterday.
joe:yea, its gas
by REEFER CHIEFER September 20, 2020

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to deliver narcotics out of a car
"im boutta drop nic to some of my boys"
by REEFER CHIEFER August 23, 2020

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Dude who thinks he's the shit, but everyone knows he's a tard
John:Yo, everyone over there is a fucking space cadet
by REEFER CHIEFER May 21, 2020

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