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Adverb; 1. Someone who has a fear of foreigners or foreign things.
2. Rad person who goes into the Goth room in Teen Chat and you should totally check them out.
Jane: That foreigner kid is freaky, man.
Dane: You must be xenophobic, yo!

by Denee August 07, 2007
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a bunch of pussys who cant bloody take a joke. stupid people who are rude . about other cultures and cant bloody take a joke because they made chicken curry is burning there plastic surgery. mainly found leaving whatsapp chats and going on her husbands phone and writing about it.
someone - "no your not racially profiling or being xenophobic at all"
"very funny I know "
by saucy_sexy_curry_muncher November 03, 2019
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Afraid of everything. Gays,Bisexual, the dark, animals, different races,and monsters are included
(Insert Name) is xenophobic, therefore he/she lives alone in his/her own sealed bubble.
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