Basically, to hate or be afraid of people from different cultures, religions or ethnic origins.

Comes from the word xenophobic.
If you are ever caught doing something racist use this word in your defence.
by Jade November 23, 2003
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Idiots who hate or fear those from other countries, for more on this see Donald Trump
by Grammer Natzi September 25, 2015
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An arcade game made by Bally Midway in 1987 .

Three players cooperative game where each teams could choose from three different colorfull characters , the red , blue and yellow team had each three characters for a total of 9 different characters available .

The screen was splited in three horizontal bands simulating corridors of space structures like ships and starbases , every plyers could move independently of each others .

Many starships , planets , star bases are infected by acid spitting xenomorph ( alien monsters ) and your mission is to either eliminate the alien threat or to self destruct the bases before they get overrun by xenos .

The game spawned many home version for the atari 2600 , atari 7600 , Nes , atari st , commodore 64 , also available for the game cube as a conversion of the arcade game
Xenophobe is a 3 player arcade game .

Xenophobe is a cooperative game .

Xenophobe costs a quarter for 1000 health units .
by P.A. 037 February 5, 2010
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Someone who is Afraid of Xenon a noble gas which is used in Film Projectors
Dude my Film Projector is broke what should i do

Check if you‘re xenon lamp is broken

Nah dude im a Xenophobe i aint gonna Touch that shit
by Sinthoras April 8, 2020
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A Xenophobe is simply someone who hates foreigners. Usually an Alf Garnet Type.
I'm NOT a xenophobe, I just can't stand Fucking foreigners!
by A Garnet February 23, 2005
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fo' reel, them white peoples is evil.

shut up, fou. you aint notin but a xenophobe.

Hey! where'd'you lern a word like dat!
by cinnabun! August 28, 2003
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