fou --- full on ugly: the act of purposely being ugly.
Let's make our Rocket League cars really ugly so we can play fou!
by mozopiraka June 24, 2018
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Fou is a word to describe something that is better than jesus and everyone loves
that guy is so fou, i want to have his babys
by Fou January 01, 2004
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Person A: omg i forgot what my homework was!
Person B: lol, fou.
by flashflyer January 08, 2011
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This is anything added to food for a fancier or more colorful appearance.
Parsley, lemon twists, a carrot rose, any vegi fan

put a little fou fou on that plate so this looks delish!
by bobthecook May 11, 2011
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The act of "focusing" spelt wrong when:
a) Drunk
b) Too excited to type properly
c) Equipped a typo aura
FOUS! So we can kill this boss!
by Fe Fe July 09, 2006
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Fat Old Ugly Slut, or Fat Old Ugly Skank.
"I'm such a fous."

"Look at that fous over there."

"Don't be such a fous."
by Retail employee July 26, 2008
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