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One Sexy Serpent!
He's very slippery and lovely! ;)
by Jade June 25, 2004

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I love you in Vietnamesefrom a girl to a guy
em yeu anh
by Jade April 18, 2004

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the best sport in the whole world. anyone who doesn't like it is on crack.
hott guys play hockey.
Jr A hockey rocks
fred-"hey u goin to the game tonite?" (obviously means hockey game cause wut else would he be going to?)
bob-"hellz yea man everyones goin, hockey is the best sport in the universe"
by Jade March 21, 2005

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Basically, to hate or be afraid of people from different cultures, religions or ethnic origins.

Comes from the word xenophobic.
If you are ever caught doing something racist use this word in your defence.
by Jade November 23, 2003

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untalented ginger bitch that thinks she can act and sing who had a nose and boob job but denies it
why dont lindsay lohan just admit she had a nose and boob job everyone already knows it
by Jade April 22, 2005

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the & symbol. simple as that.
I like macaroni & cheese.
by Jade November 03, 2004

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"Pounamu" or greenstone as it known as in english.
NZ Nephrite (jade) is a stone for which NZ has become famous.
Also known as Pounamu or greenstone
by Jade May 23, 2004

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