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Another word for a vagina, commonly used in chatrooms to provide laughter among friends and confusion among the administrators.

Also see Fadoodle
Me: I just made the name Wubbie! XD

Bob: Lol does that one admin know what it means?

Me: Nooope, he's clueless, now I just gotta keep it secret

Bob: Lol you're so busted

Me: You should be Fadoodle, then we can be best friends :D

Bob: Lol ok, but if we get caught then we're dead -.-
by PopTart3171996 November 18, 2011
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The combination of a military issue poncho and it's corresponding liner. When attached, these items form a very snuggly means of staying warm in otherwise intolerable conditions. Often mispronounced "wooby" (like, booby). Though extremely comfortable, this is not a suitable substitute for MSS or Gore-Tex.
Major: Do you have something warm to sleep in?
Cadet: Sir, I will be perfectly comfortable in the -30oF weather and freezing rain because I have my wubbie. Now, excuse me while I proceed to freeze my nuts off.
by shopperqueen022 November 03, 2011
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The act of a woman pressing someone else's face to her breasts and jiggling; may be used for either pleasurable or intimidating (suffocating) effect.
I went to the RenFaire and got wubbied by some scary wench in peasant garb.
by jlm100 June 20, 2009
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