noun: Someone who is very good-looking, but not particularly smart.
Oh, don't date Paul! He's such a cocker spaniel.
by Susan Lucas March 20, 2008
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The act in which a pantsless male crawls around on all fours with his junk tucked between his legs and protruding out the other side in imitation of a non-neutered dog. Usually used for comedic purposes.
I really wish I hadn't ever seen you doing the cocker spaniel.
by uh da cheat October 29, 2004
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a dog whos name is pronounced "cock-er-span-nyal"

not "COCK - ER SPAN - E - AL"

COCK - ER SPAN - E - AL = cocker spaneel

dammit sarah. grow a brain. moron
by collin miller October 9, 2003
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we are on the never ending quest for Aarons cocker spaniel!
by Sarah December 10, 2002
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1) Caucasian-American origin dance which is performed by a young man, usually in khaki pants and a way-too-tight shirt, who's only move consists of little more than humping the left or right side of his partner arhythmically whilst both arms are raised in the air. Made famous by "A Night at the Roxbury"

2) The dance move that resembles dry-humping the left or right side of your dance partner anywhere from the hip down.
Sue: How was your date with Glen last night?
Mary: Well, he took me to the club, but all he knew was The Cocker Spaniel. He got got so excited he tore my ACL.
by nomanbags April 2, 2010
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