Soft, warm, and comfortable; evoking a desire to snuggle.
I loved to sneak the quilt off Mom's bed when I was a girl; it was hard to resist anything that snuggly.
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 17, 2006
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A measure of the warmth and comfort gained from an object if it were to be snuggle hugged.
That crocodile is not very snuggly.
That teddy bear is very snuggly.
by waffle November 4, 2003
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An endearing, baby-talk name for a sexy person wiff a hot bum you want to cuddle up for many long hours and become breathless with; nickname for significant other in a long-distance relationship
I miss you, Snuggly. I be there soon.
by alldasnugglies April 7, 2018
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lying cuddled up to the person you are going out with or are very close to and 'snuggling' into them.

sometimes used through im-ing or messaging when the other person isnt around to send a feeling of warmth into reciever.
g: i miss you
b: i miss you too, snugglies <3
g: yay, snugglies ^_^
by burnpaperplanes July 28, 2010
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Someone or something that is the very best of someone or something. No equivalents. No competition.
Star Trek is very snuggly. God is very snuggly. That's a very snuggly meme.
by ngabler Vlogs October 1, 2020
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A feeling of warms and snugliness!
"I feel so snuggly wuggly today!"

"Will you make me feel more snuggly wuggly?"
by Cutiepiejr May 27, 2008
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a pub. a five star joint. the home of a bunch of pub thugs with dreams. also the home of a lot of rats. and if ur looking 4 someone in it you might try the hidden passageway. near rapunzel's tower
snuggly duckling in the tangled movie
by Flynn Rider or Eugene June 5, 2011
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