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1. A blanket (or toy) carried by a child to reduce anxiety

Stems from the Peanuts comic where the character Linus always had his blanket with him.

2. (informal) anything that an adult person uses to reduce their anxiety

This phrase can also be used to indicate a male friend whom a girl has no romantic interest but uses him to to cock block other males at parties, dances, or other events.
Whenever my boyfriend doesn't want to go out dancing, I take Kyle to keep the other guys away. He's sort of my security blanket.
by TheBlankey January 29, 2006
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An object or act that assures one of safety and security.
This phrase was first derived from the blanket a characket from Peanuts(Charlie brown) always had with him. If memory serves me right a US Present coined the phrase.
1. The addition of cameras and patrolling officers will creat a security blanket for the students on campus.
2. Driving fast makes me feel safe. Like wrapping a blanket around me, it shields all the bad things from coming in.
by Machinus July 10, 2005
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Something put on or given to a victim after a traumatizing event.
Firemen wrapped the child in a security blanket after rescuing them from the burning house.
I always calm down when I am cuddled up with my security blanket.
Lola has a security blanket to help with her anxiety.
by sayrxn August 20, 2018
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A security blanket is a blanket that young kids have for security.
It originates from a character in the comic strip Peanuts, named Linus van Pelt who always had a security blanket with him.
Gosh, you really need to let go of that security blanket.
by IshiftSandvich December 30, 2015
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