1. A soft fuzzy blanket like the middle ones in hotel beds.
2. A blanket
1&2: I curled up with my wubby on the couch and watched a movie.
by saintnsinner July 12, 2006
A literal security blanket. The term was made popular by its use in the 1983 movie Mr. Mom.
Now listen to me, I understand that you little guys start out with your wubby's, and you think they are great...and they are. They are terrific, but pretty soon a wubby isn't enough. You're out on the street trying to score an electric blanket, maybe even a quilt. Then the next thing you know your strung out on bedspreads, Ken! That's serious! Now gimmie the wubby.
by shawmutt February 28, 2007
An extremely adorable animal, especially a dog.
I love my wubby! My wubby is so cute! She is small and black and rat-like!
by KateOfTheJeyz. May 22, 2007
Another name for a military poncho liner -- a blanket-like insulator for use underneath a poncho.

Also can be used as "wubby-liner" -- a similar item used as an extra layer of insulation in a M-65 field jacket.
Privates, I've told you multiple times, the commander has said he doesn't want you to use your wubby as a blanket. You'll just have to make your freaking bunk every morning. Now, do pushups.
by PFC Ocon September 30, 2009
A nickname for someone who is good for nothing. The accuser can disguise that meaning of the word by saying that it is Australian slang for something completely different.
Accuser: "Man that guy is such a wubby."
Guy accused of being a wubby: "What the hell does that mean!?"
Accuser: "Don't worry, it's Australian slang for badass."
by Shambles299 February 2, 2011
combination of wifey and hubby, a term of endearment for a butch woman in a committed gay relationship.
My wubby is good with power tools. She and her wubby have been together for five years.
by MOBST September 1, 2005
1.A penis that has been transplanted to a woman getting a sex change.

2.slang term for a douchebag
1.holy crap! you have a wubby?! which means you used to be a girl?! What a coincidence!

2. my god, you are such a freakin' wubby!
by woodstock is green! June 22, 2009