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Somebody who is really regretting not going to State College right now.
"Who would have thought it'd be so hard to get laid in college? Oh yeah, I'm a cadet at a military academy."
by bitterplebe February 12, 2009
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ignorant bossy brainless wannabe motherfuckers whom just came from playing COD and they go around marching proudly as they waste our taxes and grow up to be an even bigger waste of taxes by either joining the military or beating people just because they have little shiny badges that were also payed by taxes.
Cadets march in for graduation
cadet 1: Marches proudly making perfect corners
cadet 2: makes constipated faces to show how tuff he is
cadet 3: Marches very much conceitedly as he fails to realize what the purpose of cadets really are
by Anti-genius Bar June 12, 2012
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someone who does something stupid or just acts like a idiot
jade: oh look at my new shoes!!

kong: let me christan them!

jade: why are you such a cadet
by Jaydee-baybee March 20, 2009
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