A conversation ender. If a guy or girl responses your lengthy text with this then they are uninterested in continuing the conversation.
Girl: I had so much fun with you! Definitely want to hang out again...
Guy: lol ok.
by Miapiakialiatia August 2, 2018
When a person does not agree with a sentence and they're a passive-agressive son of a bitch so they send you this.
"Hey, you know what would be really fun? Doing math homework!"
"lol ok"
by ZUMUL February 13, 2018
what people say when the conversation dies and their scheme game is down the toilet
"What was that group chat you created?"
"Idk lol"
by Mdrzik26 June 19, 2016
A way of saying "i dont care and i probably didn't read half the bs you just wrote, go die in a hole, lol"

Probably the WORST thing you could say to somebody sending you a long, long, heartfelt, or important message.
Guy: Hey I really like you, you make me feel so happy and warm inside, being around you makes me really happy and just simply getting a text from you makes me smile and you just warm my heart. You're so beautiful and your laughter itself is so contagious, ____ you're so perfect.

Girl: Ok lol
by MaciIsFriendswithHarmonie December 4, 2022