A wrangler is a person who watches over and is a temporary caretaker for people who are not currently sober. Similar to a designated driver. The wrangler corrals the non-sober people to make sure they do not cause harm
Shawn: So whos Wrangling tonight boys?
Esteban: I guess since Henry got wrecked last time he should be wrangler and watch over us while we trip
by AnotherE-Boy December 26, 2018
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The Wrangler (TJ) is the best off road vehicle ever made. able to go any where and do any thing stock while still being able to get into without a step stool. the car everyone with a land rover wants and that every girl loves
Jeep TJ
by Matt Hall May 18, 2004
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A male that has sex with his bar conquests in rodeo fashion shortly after meeting them.

A sexual partner that gets right down to business.
Damn Ira, you're a Wrangler. That girl was ready for just about anything after that last round of shots.

Wrangle on son, she's a goer. Take that down.
by TheSon April 15, 2009
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A man who cannot get fully hard but still attemps to fuck like a stalion. More often than not "wrangler" will be in his early to mid 40's and normally found at a bar trying to pick up 20 something women and throwing his tab around like a football.
I got drunk at the local pub, met a guy, thought he was taking me home to fuck and I got wrangled instead.
by flounder May 26, 2005
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A type of tight pants that cowboys, hicks and rednecks wear. These jeans usually result in a low sperm count and small package. But just because a man has a small package doesn't mean he's not good. A man willing to put himself through the tightness of these jeans have to be good at something.
Girl: Look at the guy with the tight jeans they must be wranglers.... i would sleep with that guy any day.
by hicksshouldntbehated June 29, 2007
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Quality jeans, a real cowboy's only choice.
Wranglers: not cheap or inexpensive (as the previous reader said), but rather high quality, form fitting denims traditionally worn by cowboys, workingmen and (regrettably, wanna-be's) other blue-collar men. These jeans are designed by cowboys for cowboys. The fit may be tight (and consequently show your anatomy), but they last for years and are as durable as they come.
by cowboykid August 4, 2007
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denim jeans, usually tight on men
he got on some wranglers
by slimrare April 9, 2004
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