Jeans wore by cowboys, country fella's and these sorts. Can be found in Texas and Wyoming. Usually causes low sperm count due to the tightness that they are worn.
Yo, that party was wack, just a bunch of wrangler wearing guys and big heffer chicks.
by KingTotem April 10, 2004
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tight jeens worn by hoot cowboys and country singers who have a nice ass
Damn he can sure fill out those wranglers
by AngelBabie89007 April 05, 2004
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One who catches, handles, prepares and cares for the saddle horses on a ranch. Not to be confused with a cowboy, though their character and style of dress are similar. A cowboy can be a wrangler but a wrangler is not, by definition, a cowboy, unless he also tends cattle.
Those wranglers at the UXU ranch couldn't get a horse lined out in under ten minutes if their lives depended on it.
by Elwood October 30, 2004
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A hot, sexy woman over 25 who knows how to attract and manage lovers, no matter age or motherly status
Her? Not yo mama, but she sure is one hot wrangler.
by SophieD July 09, 2015
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A male that has sex with his bar conquests in rodeo fashion shortly after meeting them.

A sexual partner that gets right down to business.
Damn Ira, you're a Wrangler. That girl was ready for just about anything after that last round of shots.

Wrangle on son, she's a goer. Take that down.
by TheSon April 15, 2009
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