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The Wrangler is an aging, single, over boasted tool. The Wrangler will spend hours telling everyone he knows how awesome he is, when in reality he is nothing more than a man child who can't close with the women. He has the ability to stear any conversations to tall tales of his days as a male stripper (100 pounds ago), and over exagerated numbers of his conquests. With the onset of the internet, his dating has taken off to new heights. Often times, the wrangler will be seen in bars escorting unsuspecting buffalos that he coerced with photos of his former self. He lives in the past, and yet believes that his DSL holds the key to happiness. Constantly dieting, he has been known to feast on cheeseburgers with a side of pancakes.
Hey that idiot over there keeps calling himself, The Wrangler!! What a Douche!!
by buffalo hunter August 15, 2009
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