A female that is very sexually active; ho
Also a verb-"go" to easily allow one to have sex with them
"Yo, this broad is a goer"
"Really? She be goin?"
by Drez October 24, 2004
a girl that is easy, and sluty.
the girl that would hookup with someone in less than 10 mins is most def a goer
by Slim357 February 11, 2004
Applies to a female who "has that look in her eye" that tells you she would tear you apart in the bedroom.
"Look at that bird lads, grinding up and down that pole, I bet shes a right f**king goer!"
by Brownlad2 December 5, 2006

Used to describe a relentless savage person

Or moment that happens and you don't care about the Consequence.
Did you hear about what that nigga demonte did? That nigga a goer he stole all the chairs out a church so they had to stand in that bitch.
by BigdaddyZilla August 14, 2017
1.An easy to get female or male. Someone who would have sex or perform sexual acts instantly. Mostly like has had a lot of sexual partners in their life.
2. When you make fun of someone constistanly in a row. Makes everyone around you stare and laugh like crazy.
1. Yo that girl is a goer, she banged all four of my boys last night.
2. You should of saw how he going on him. He dissed him so much that everyone laughed to hard.
by Mikito May 17, 2006
A badass but could also be referring to Hitler's right hand man
Damn he is such a goering
by thebest715 May 7, 2015
Goer goh'er action noun-
1. one who proceeds, especially towards something, is motivated in a positive way, embraces the cCarr movement.
2. fan of American Music Artist Rapper-Singer Colette Carr

3. One that goes, especially a person who goes to a specified place frequently or regularly. Often used in combination: beachgoer; clubgoer.
4. a person who attends something regularly
5. an energetic person
6. Informal an acceptable or feasible idea, proposal, etc.
7. Australia and New Zealand informal a person trying to succeed.
Goers of all ages were twerking and going HAM at the Colette Carr concert last night in Malibu.

Police are now encouraging festival goers to check their website and supply them with any appropriate leads.
Goers for years.

With a fine selection of beers, Black friars makes a homely rendezvous for the avid pub goer.

Festival goers are asked to tick which zone they would like to be in at the point of booking.

The Neptunian world of creativity and imagination fused with the futuristic sign of Aquarius has a lot to offer cinema goers.
by Duku Pikachu November 15, 2013