a person who watches out for you when trying new and different drugs; usually thee experienced person or the person with less intrest in the drug; person who keeps you outta trouble
Bob- "Dude, I wanna shroom. Wanna be my caretaker?"

Jim- "Sure thing, man"
by mu$!c$c33n3qu33n October 23, 2008
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Person1:Why do you like her.
Person2:No one deserves to be left out.
Person3:Why are you so caretaker?
by TheBalancer February 10, 2014
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That guy who made music about dementia and everyone praised him one year after he stopped doing it
The Caretaker makes cool music.
by The Greying Dog March 4, 2021
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The fit man with a funny hand from scary movie 2.
"Hi, Im Hanson, Im the caretaker. And whats ure name sweetchild??"
by Sweetchild July 23, 2005
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The right hand man. A man that can solve all you problems. He has only one weaknesses and thats charlie horses. other then that hes unstopable.
The CareTaker is made out of awsomenesss
by Johnny Blaze GR4LIFE October 18, 2006
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A caretaker is someone who can also care for your, taking to -death.
I knew my time expired when the caretaker appeared to me, to show me the way into the next realm.


The caretaker took me into the next plane of existence after the last expired.

-the caretaker arrived, to ensure I will pass on into the next existence/experience of life, after death.
by Thethoughtsyouneverremember November 1, 2021
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To masturbate. Usually male. British in origin. see tossing off, wanking
After that date with Lily, James had a wee bit of caretaking to do afterwards.
by janellio July 22, 2004
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