Boring suburban hellhole north of Columbus,Ohio bordering I270. Cookie cutter town full of white picket fences, look-a-like houses, and ridiculous zoning laws. Can be confused with a 1950's televison show at times. What it lacks in diversity it makes up in snobby people who claim to be liberals. Not as rich as Dublin but wealthier than Westerville. Teenagers call it Wo-Town.
Chris: Where are you from?
Bobby: I'm from Worthington,Ohio!
Chris: Interesting....I'm from Reynoldsburg.
Bobby: Eww.
by MooseMan July 21, 2005
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An extremely small town, also referred to as east bum fuck. Located in western MA, surrounded by all the other "hick" towns like Chester, Huntington, Chesterfield, etc. Only two kinds of people live in the town of Worthington: rednecks and tree-huggers. The rednecks live there because all their inbred family members live there. And the tree-hugger freaks live there because they want to be one with nature. Needless to say, they don't associate with each other.
dude, do you wanna go to Worthington tonight?" "what the hell is there to do in Worthington?" " oh ya... screw Worthington!
by lovahh916 May 31, 2011
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A place where they have to bring in an inner city principal with a pube head to try to contain the big bad scary suburban kids.
Principal: Good morning students ( 1 minute pause)..this is your principal speaking ( 1 minute pause) I am very proud of all of you..im going to go comb my jerry curl and mack some highschool bitches..EDDIE D OUT

Student:Man that guy is wack son

Other Student: ur from fucking Worthington stop acting ghetto, now watch biggest flirt get the girls!
by Wo-Town Thug March 09, 2006
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An unknown act- that may or may not be sexual. When preformed- must comprise of various actions to be named during conversation.
I'm going to give you the best worthington you've ever experienced
by almerbunspojul May 15, 2011
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worthington, ohio is the poor man's dublin. i say this because they have MORE n's and LESS bangable chicks. Their sports teams have been sub-par since 1890 when they were the only suburb of columbus. although many of their males are less than satisfactory, they do occasionally raise one who keeps it real and doesnt give a f (ex: CG). the most effective for of birth control in worthington is suicide.
"man worthington high school sucks. oh well, im sure i'll get tons of puss at columbus state!"
by mitch cramer December 02, 2006
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