A knock-off of inferior quality, or something similar to something else, but not as good.
Mr. Ed is the poor man's John Kerry, since he has the same face but inferior public-speaking skills.

Jared was horrified when he remembered going home wasted with a Jessica Alba look-alike, then woke up the next morning naked next to the poor man's Rosie O'Donnell.
by Nick D December 06, 2004
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A copy made of anything popular,usually made by a rival
that is complete shit compared to the original
Poweraid is Poor man's gatoraid

by TiTyRon June 08, 2009
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A man with no money. He Dosent make a good salary. Is inferior husban/boyfriend material. Woman repellant.
My friend Sonny is what you call a ''Poor Man''. He makes under 15 G a year.
by mikenike December 06, 2007
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in wrestling when u grab your opponents dick and balls and pull
today in wrestling i gave conner hersh a poor mans
by dirks bently December 28, 2009
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Crushed up Ritalin that one snorts up their nose like cocaine.
Eli couldn't afford coke, so he stole his brother's Ritalin. He crushed it up and made some poor man's cocaine.
by Nutzen YerMouf February 19, 2018
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An alternate term for resin; specifically, the resin left behind on smoking paraphernalia as a by-product of cannabinoid consumption.
In desperate times, Dangus often found himself smoking poor man's hash off of old pipe screens as ghetto wind chimes rang out in the distance, a sure sign that cracktivities were transpiring on the stinking streets of Memphis.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. April 13, 2010
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much like the mexican shower, it is a quickened alternative to a shower or a bath. requires the dipping of one's head underneath the faucet so as to clean the hair but not the entire body.

the term originates from a detroit urban legend whereby one man had only enough money to generate water for his hair. he was, in fact, poor.
1. time is money, just take a poor man's shower
2. look, we're running late. either take a mexican shower or a poor man's shower.

3. if you think you're gonna be able to go bravo delta tonight, you gotta at least take a poor man's shower
4. you can tell he only took a poor man's shower this morning
by BIGGG AL May 27, 2009
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