a random person, hence, they came out of the woodwork.
Who the hell is that woodworker
by THE NISH May 28, 2003
Catholics who come out of the woodwork to attend mass only on Christmas, Easter, and one week into New Year's Resolutions. They're the reason the regularly participating catholics can't get a seat or a parking spot on those crowded holidays. They also pull out their catholic card when they want to have a wedding or baptism in a church because it makes for nice pictures.
We listened to Christmas mass in the doorway of the church because the place was overflowing with woodwork catholics.
by sick_of_fakes March 31, 2009
1) A common expression used in football (soccer) by commentators to say that the ball has hit the frame of the goal, so the player has come close, but not scored.

2) When you 'pull' someone (1st base or higher) but you don't have sex with them.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw you making out with that hot chick at the bar, what happened to you last night?

Guy 2: I kept hitting the woodwork mate. I was so close to scoring, but she wasn't up for it.
by Bagginski February 18, 2010
Wriggling one's way into a restricted area or 'secret' meeting.

The verb form of 'getting into the woodwork.'
eg. Janie's gonna woodwork her way into that club even though she's WAY underage.
eg.2: Person 1:Who here's the best at woodworking?
Person 2: Me, I think, I can get in ANYWHERE.
by Sphinxfalcon August 26, 2008
The act of posting something to facebook after many months or years of not posting, thus surprising people that you have an account .
Jamien: Let's lock up the championship this weekend!
George: Hell yea!
Kevin: I had no idea George even had an account. Guy came out of the facebook woodwork!
by MrMojoRisin17 August 15, 2016
to appear after being hidden or not active for a long time, especially in order to do something unpleasant
After you've been in a relationship for a long while, all sorts of little secrets start to come out of the woodwork.

Racists and extreme nationalists are crawling out of the woodwork to protest at the sudden increase in the number of immigrants.
by LovelyDaisy February 9, 2012
The moment when you masturbate while sitting on the toilet, and at the moment that you release your bowels, you ejaculate. If it doesn't happen at the same time it's not "advanced."
"Nathaniel has been in the bathroom a while."
"Well he's doing some advanced woodworking."
by MatchesMaloneWasHere September 1, 2015