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1) A common expression used in football (soccer) by commentators to say that the ball has hit the frame of the goal, so the player has come close, but not scored.

2) When you 'pull' someone (1st base or higher) but you don't have sex with them.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw you making out with that hot chick at the bar, what happened to you last night?

Guy 2: I kept hitting the woodwork mate. I was so close to scoring, but she wasn't up for it.
by Bagginski February 18, 2010
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Every two months men have a hormonal imbalances, just like women do when they are on their period and it's, "that time of the month", for them. It's main symptoms are irritablity and tiredness.

Guy 2: What's wrong with guy 1?

Guy 3: Nothing really, it's that time of the two months for him.
by Bagginski February 24, 2010
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When an incriminating comment on another person's Facebook wall appears in another's newsfeed.
Julie's comment: Heyyy Jim, don't worry about what you told me last night, it'll be our little secret, I must say though, I'm surpised you chose me to come out too :) xx

Jims friend's comment: Jim ya homo, you've just been newsfeed busted!
by Bagginski June 29, 2010
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When someone relentlessly spams your newsfeed on Facebook with quotes or lyrics, rather than being original and insightful.
John "Better a witty fool than a foolish wit"

Response "Stop with the status quote"
by Bagginski March 02, 2010
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To take a piss with your trousers and underwear all the way down to your ankles. 'Big boy wees' are a humourous way to embrace the fact that some children don't know what the zipper is for, and do in fact wee like this.
Drunk guy: I'm going for a big boy wee on that tree!

Drunk guy 2: Me too, but maybe a different tree.
by Bagginski September 13, 2010
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Someone from the very small place called Bedale in North Yorkshire, one of the, "dales", of Yorkshire. Any Bedalien entering Northallerton, (or N-Town) is referred to as such because they hail from Bedale, a distant place that people only stray to when they are old and are bored of actually doing something on a Friday or Saturday night (Even though it's only 8 miles away from N-Town).
N-Townie 1: You can tell those lot at the bus stop outside the Nag's Head are Bedaliens, they're all chavs.

N-Townie 2: Yeah, most of them have just signed on at the jobcentre too.
by Bagginski November 10, 2009
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When your underwear creeps up your crack to wedie-esque proportions and the only way to pull them down discreetly is to put your hands in your pockets and pull at them, or 'jeggle' them. You may often catch people jeggling in not-so-discreet ways, like when they are walking away from you and they pull at their crack to de-wedgie themselves...
Guy 1: I think I just followed through a little bit, make sure no one looks while I'm jeggling my underwear down to see if it sticks.

Guy 2: Dude... Too much information.
by Bagginski March 24, 2010
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