a word used to describe the sound made by the low bass frequencies in dub-step songs
"holy shit dude, this rusko beat womps so hard"
by smkaps January 29, 2010
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If you see someone attractive or when you have nothing else to say and there is total awkwardness you say womp
Daayum shawty she be lookin' $WOMP$$
by BasedUnicorn September 05, 2012
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inferring that they are ignorant and most likely on welfare. the lowest on the class system. also can be used as a slur against the LGBT community, women rights, and people of color.
those womps asked me for some money, don't they know i am the major's daughter.

womps are a serious problem in this town and we are planning on taking care of them
by alyandaj April 23, 2010
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a word to describe filtered bass in dnb music. also acronym for the prestigous drum n bass record label and promotions company Missing Piece.
by second bass April 03, 2007
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Acronym for (W)omen (O)utside (M)y (P)references.
Let's scram scholar, all the girls in here are W.O.M.P.
by Draper May 30, 2004
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:a noise made from techno/trance/eletronic music

:what everyone does when they are ragin' and rollin'
"What did you do last night, you're still rollin?"

"aaaaaaaah yeahhh, I just went to a rave and womped my face off, its no big deal!.....womppp wommpp wommmp.
by WOMPYOFACE November 03, 2009
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