Signalling to another via the medium of text the fact you are carrying out an action, in this case, the movement of raising the shoulders, which highlights the point you are basically saying 'I don't know' or 'whatever' but in a non-verbal manner.

Rob: Guys who is the coolest person ever?
Jen: *shrug*
Pete: *shrug*
Fred: *shrug*
Greg: I KNOW! I KNOW! It has to be rob!
Rob: Yes Greg. Yes it is.
by Ossie September 20, 2005
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To raise your shoulder and then lower them to show that you do not know or care about sth:
James shrugged and said nothing. 'i don't know,' jane replied, shrugging her shoulders.
by February 2, 2018
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The way the cool hip kids type 'shrug' or instead of searching shrug text emoji on Google and copy and pasting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ on forums.
*something that induces a shrug on a forum*
Brian: /shrug
by LordRighteousness September 4, 2017
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A SH-oulde-R h-UG (shoulder hug) for your neck.
Dawwww my neck feels good from that comforting shrug.
by DomicsFan June 19, 2013
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(n) used to verbally describe someone that is completely irrelevant
"Did you see Kelsey last night?"
"Yeah, she was standing in the corner during the whole party"
"I know, she's such a shrug"
by fburg22401 May 30, 2014
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Friend: Hello, how ya doin?
That kid: *shrug*
Friend: Well uh... we have English class together, right?
That Kid: *shrug*
That kid: *shrug*
Friend: ...You wanna come to my house?
That kid: HELL NAH
I like to shrug when my girlfriend asks me to apologize. Oh wait- I lost mine like twenty years ago.
by tHeCrYiNgViOlIn May 25, 2021
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