When asking what owen is doing. Acronym: W: What’s, O: Owen, D:Doing
by Hayden Dikestraw July 17, 2020
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Meaning: "WRLD On Drugs"

Source: the music video for

Song: WRLD On Drugs
Artist: Future, Juice WRLD
What does W.O.D. mean and why is written on your arm?
by coolcat63377 July 10, 2020
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Wod is a word of Nordic origins. Its meaning is "violently insane", and it is often (when it's mentioned at all) accociated with the Norse god, Odin.
Person 1: It's Woden's Day today?
Person 2: No, it's Wednesday.
Person 1: Exactly!
Person 2: You're such a mythology geek, you know that right?
by JimmyHicks June 11, 2019
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Person 1: β€œ I like Cake”
Person 2: β€œwod wod wod”
by Phoenix121 December 24, 2020
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It is a brand that makes skateboards and customises anything that you want, be it hats, clothes, phone cases, ass cheeks or ur mum's tits they've got u no worries.
ahh bro did you see that custom peice WOD did it was a bad boy ting, a gwarn here ya get me
via giphy
by badboytings June 01, 2020
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