when a guy jizzes in a girls hand while shes sleeping and then tickles her face and then she touches her face.
when my girlfriend came over my house last night, she fell assleep on my couch cause she said she had a rough day and that pissed me off so i gave her a hand full.
by DJJazzyJeff27 June 10, 2009
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36 B cup... perfect hand full
yo her titties is aaight, more then a hand full is a waste!
by MiSs B Cup October 22, 2010
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when talking to someone on line, or texting you type a very long sentence that if you were to say out loud would be a mouth full to say.
"so today after baseball practice I said 'Hi' to Katy and she said she wanted to talk sometime when I got home I called her and asked if she wanted to go see the new 300 movie and she said yes!" typed Bobby.

"wow what a hand full" typed back fred
by cuming September 18, 2008
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To have your hands full; only refers to the opposite sex; shows that they have a freaky side that only really you and them know about
Boi you got yo hands full
by Tank January 14, 2005
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a band from the animated american sitcom "Family Guy" consisting of charters Glenn Quagmire and Peter Griffin.

songs include "Credit card debt"
"Alyssa Malano"
"I poop in strange places"
Tristan: What's a hand full of Peter? Another blow job joke on Family Guy?
John Boy: Listen; Glenn Quagmire: Alyssa Malano, i knew yo ware gunna be hut wham jou ware nene.
by Soctor2 September 6, 2017
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This is when all your hands are full and you can’t hold anything else.
Mum I can’t carry the shopping I am full handed
by February 26, 2021
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