Stevie is normally a brown haired blue eyed and typically short, she's a great friend and is ALWAYS there to help, she's good looking but always has insecurity, saying just one compliment will make her day, she has many talents but didn't know it yet, you should always cherish the moments you spend with her because you don't ever know what will come I the future. if you know a Stevie you are the lukyest guy in the world
Stevie is such an amazing person I don't know what I would do without her
by Beautiful Human September 2, 2017
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Stevie is a person that is extremely sexy and intelligent. She usually has dark brown hair and sexy brown determined eyes, she has a tall slim figure that every girl would kill for. She has a great personality and is very funny. Stevie is an angel sent from heaven, her smile lightens up the whole room. She is a great friend and will listen to your stories over and over, she is a fantastic listener and loves to here all your stories and problems, she also is a great help and will sort out your problems. She is the best girlfriend too, she will make you breakfast in bed lunch dinner and all the food you desire, she loves to cook, dance and model. She looks like Kendall Jenner, and is a famous model, she usually comes from Aus but will move to Hollywood for her modelling.
'Gosh that stevie is smoking hawt! I bet she has boys chasing her where ever she goes!'
by Hannahlama1201 January 17, 2015
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"dkjdadf" "Whats her problem?" "Don't judge her she has Stevie"
by akdsf November 27, 2020
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stevie is someone who is totally fab and so coolio julio like I can't even. she is way more swaggie than maggie and totes famous
"omg Stevie is so fab"
"Ikr like totes GORG"
by catchingspaceworms January 18, 2015
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A basketball definition, usually used in NBA 2K, when you pass the ball to a teammate although it was a dumb pass which then leads to a turnover.
Teammate: “Ayo! I’m not open! Don’t pass me the ball there’s 3 people on me!”

You: *Passes the ball

Teammate: “Wtf are you doing?! You’re throwing Stevies!
by NBA2K God 11 January 30, 2019
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tall, blonde, and smokin hawt. the sexyest girl you will ever meet. so so so good in bed.
i had hot sex with stevie last night!
by someoneisntusingthisname February 27, 2009
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