a phrase used by people who know a women, who is rich and is a bitch. Often enough the woman will be snobby which gives her the 'bitch' part.
rich snobby woman: I bet you struggle paying your bills

that woman is now classed as the rich bitch by people who know her.
by diamondmanizzle3 October 27, 2013
Rich Bitch- Chick usually young who got lots of dough , usually over 6 figures and flaunts it.
Girl who flaunts money , cars , status etc..
by Boo February 19, 2005
A girl with rich parents that talk to other people about their money, actually thinking that the people care about what they're saying. They also like to carry around expensive technology and or expensive purses. The technology is usually from apple or HP
"That girl is such a rich bitch."

"I cant believe she got a new phone after only a month. She is such a rich bitch."
by swimmer192 November 18, 2010
A person who is rich and a Big Bitch about it.
Oh my god he is such a Rich Bitch.
by Ka$par March 17, 2022
a popular line once said by Dave Chappelle, after he became famous and made a fortune. shown in three daves
by Jeff Ackerman March 25, 2004
A girl who has money cause GUYS want to give HER money and take care of her.

As in they fall in love with her, every male and give her MONEY to take care of her, tons of it.

She also gets diamonds and everything else under the sun.
losers are jealous cause AMY'S BOYFRIENDS made her a rich bitch and she dosen't have to struggle like they do cause guys don't love them.

Yea, amy's USMC boyfriend would do anything for her and make her a rich bitch rather than his own brother.

Guys will DO ANYTHING for her, no matter who it is.
by Usmc . May 9, 2010