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1. a wiseguy, a highly ranked individual in a crime family
2. wiseguy, a smartass/Jackass
3. wiseguy, a book by Nicholas Pileggi
1. He's a wise guy, he's untouchable
2. The guy over theres being a real wiseguy
3. did you read wiseguy yet?
by Q.T. September 06, 2004
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1. A smart aleck.
2.One who makes snide, sardonic and concieted comments and genereally acts like an arrogrant bastard.
3. The best retort ever.
Person 1: Hey you idiot.

Person 2: Oh, a wise guy, eh?

Person 1: What?

Person 2 (aggressively): I said wise guy!
by not a wise guy September 07, 2006
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Someone who knows how to beat a system ..ig social, law enforcement, commerce, political ect.. usually for personal gain and sometimes illegal.
"So your a wiseguy uh, then tell me how someone goes about living under the radar of the soical system"
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by Ifyoucanworkit September 02, 2018
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The act of taking something of value and concealing in a bag.

A backpack, used for theiving and concealing.
Yo i’m boutta wiseguy dyls knick knacks.

I just guyed dyls skateboard
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by festivedyl November 07, 2018
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