1. a wiseguy, a highly ranked individual in a crime family
2. wiseguy, a smartass/Jackass
3. wiseguy, a book by Nicholas Pileggi
1. He's a wise guy, he's untouchable
2. The guy over theres being a real wiseguy
3. did you read wiseguy yet?
by Q.T. September 6, 2004
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A person who makes sarcastic or impudent remarks so they can demonstrate their cleverness.
Regan: I love Meredith! He's such a poet! So sensitive!
Kennedy (surprised): Really??! He always strikes me as a wiseguy.
by Babydoll75 April 2, 2019
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Someone who knows how to beat a system ..ig social, law enforcement, commerce, political ect.. usually for personal gain and sometimes illegal.
"So your a wiseguy uh, then tell me how someone goes about living under the radar of the soical system"
by Ifyoucanworkit September 2, 2018
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someone who is generally an all around smartass and enjoys making people feel really damn stupid, wiseguys are usually condescending and have a tendency to use the words "pal" or "buddy" when referring to others
Random dude: did you know that papyrus was invented by the Mesopotamians

wiseguy: actually the Egyptians Invented papyrus, but nice try buddy

Random dude: cork it wiseguy
by TheGreatestSmartass April 15, 2019
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The act of taking something of value and concealing in a bag.

A backpack, used for theiving and concealing.
Yo i’m boutta wiseguy dyls knick knacks.

I just guyed dyls skateboard
by festivedyl November 7, 2018
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A person who claims to have the best deals and knows all to do with purge but is just a fuck up
Wiseguy: I can get the best purge deals in New Zealand. *doesn't deliver*

Wiseguy: Single battery slam mods hit harder than stacks
by Twisted MEMEZ February 2, 2019
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