A boy's name. If you're friends with a Nicholas, never let him go. His love and companionship is something rare. Nicholas means victory of the people, but honestly, it's different from who they really are. Nicholas's are typically different from everybody else. They are handsome, and their laughs can rock your world. They can never fail to make you smile. To be honest, Nicholas is a very smart person, who tends to be lazy. His constant pranks and jokes can make for a good time, and can make him the subject of the majority's scorn or dislike. Nicholas's, or Nicks have a strong sense of pride and aren't afraid to fight for what he wants or loves, but he does know when to stop. Nicholas's are very smart, but lazy, which can frustrate his friends. But more than anything, he is loved, and he is loving. Nicholases can sometimes be shy.
Nicholas found her crying and swore that he would never let someone hurt his friend.

He had longish brown hair, eyes so dark you'd swear they were black, and a permanent, mischievous smirk.

Nicholas simply said "I tried. She's pretty, smart, and funny, but she said no. And I'm okay with that. So shut up." She was listening, and had to hold back tears as he said this. She knew shed made the wrong decision.
by SisterhoodoftheNerds October 22, 2013
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Lacker of nickels, and ruler of any change he seeks. He is above all else, centsable
Question asker: "HEY nicholas, got any nickels?"

Nicholas: "No, I'm nickel-less after all!"
by the one who lacks nickels March 12, 2021
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A Nicholas (Nicky/Nick) is someone perfect. Someone who's charming and sweet and caring. A Niicholas is super duper cute. He has the brightest smile, but never uses it. He's such a star. A Nicholas has the best vibe where it's hard to not find him completely irresistible. If you have a Nicholas, never be stupid enough to let him go!
Friend: OMG who the heck was that hottie?
Me: Oh thats just Nicholas. He's so amazing. He's the one that I've been telling you about.
Nicholas (off in distance): I don't understand why so many girls like me.
by Random Weirdo April 28, 2013
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Nicholas is the type of person who gets picked on the most in the group. He always tend to defend himself but never succeeds. He is smart but most people see him as someone dumb. He could be lonely at times but never realizes who his friends are. People tend to hate on him. It may be hard for him to find someone but when he does, it will be someone very special to him. No one ever sees the real Nicholas but no one cares to get to know him. Once you know him, you'll know that he is a wonderful person deep inside. He tends to think that no one cares about him. All he wants is someone to always be by his side and listen to him and love him for who he is. If you find a Nicholas, go for him and never let go.
"Nicholas doesn't seem himself today. Go talk to him."
"That was Nicholas that just passed us. I would like to get to know him."
by SomeoneWhoSpeaksReal November 14, 2019
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The biggest cock you'll ever meet in your whole life.
"Jesus fuck, you should've seen Nicholas' schlong yesterday"
by ilostmyavocados April 12, 2019
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Nicholas is one of the best person you will ever meet. There sweet and loving. Nicholases would be amazing boyfriends, with there loving attitude. Although they may come of as a jerk to some at times and their jokes may be inappropriate. There's a compassionate gentleman in the inside. With big dark brown eyes a touching smile, he will make your world brighter and filled with color. He comes of as a player with his flirtyness but is only trying to find someone to love. They have experience painful events but never let's people get him down. He'll hold you tight and treat you well, and never give up on you. When they tell you they love you, they mean it. Never let them go, or you will regret losing them.
Nicholas- hey
Person- l love you
by Person_2020 April 7, 2020
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The superior way to spell Nicholas.
Boy: Ah, it's Nicholas, with an "h."
Girl: Yes, that is the correct spelling.
by Definitely not Nicholas. September 10, 2020
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