"Impudent" means rude; it often refers to rude behavior of a young person toward an older one or an authority figure, in particular.
A layman child or teen arguing business with an adult professional is often considered to be impudent.
by Oldschool September 15, 2013
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The quality, state, or an instance of being insulting or grossly lacking in respect.
Girl 1> Your outfit is whack.
Girl 2> First of all don't ever say whack (you can't pull it off) and second of all your impudence means nothing coming from a stuck up hoe like yourself.
by Fara April 9, 2004
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1. The quality of being impudent.
2. Impudent language or behavior.
Not me: OMGWTF
by Rozard December 5, 2002
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When a torrent's comments box is full of smart ass remarks and even some times the comments not of the movie review it self.
Retard A : Retard B's mom is gay

Retard B : Oh yea well i gooch smacked your sister

(of course this goes on and on )

Retard A : well this is an impudent torrent and I'm leaving no more comments !
by Goochtorrent August 4, 2010
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